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  1. Hi. If you ever want to finish Gears 2, I am available for assistance.
  2. LOL you're awesome. LOL!
  3. oooh I didn't know about this oops lol
  4. You do know if you click view conversation you can reply to my message on my profile page. Just saying ...
  5. no xmas themed avatar?
  6. zzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz
  7. hi
  8. hola.
  9. bored. Can you make the NYC meetup?
  10. that sucks. Oh well the NYC meetup seems to be falling apart. If you do come up I'll make sure to appear so we can walk around NYC.
  11. I thought you were leaving? WTH?
  12. I think I scared you off. Sorry.
  13. You're killing me. Just come to the NY meetup.
  14. lol! Its like TNl_SPACE.
  15. hi!
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