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  1. If your statement helped to get that mental incompetent to leave, I will love you forever.
  2. in 4.1, it's black and hard to read against the dark background. Weird.
  3. I never changed my font! (and it looks normal to me in that post in We Mean Business) Maybe something weird with other skins? I don't know...
  4. jesus. I guess it has been that long. Seems like it was only a lil while ago.
  5. Unless you meant my sabbatical from a year or two ago. But that's old news...
  6. hmm, other people added me.
  7. My 3DS says the one you posted is invalid!
  8. Kick ass. This pleases me.
  9. I watched your Triangle movie. Like all these types of these movies there were some instances of Why Is She Doing That When She Knows She Should Do This but I liked it a lot and am now spreading the word.
  10. I can understand ignoring the rest of us, but think of poor Finch. I just don't think he can make it much longer without his better half. Throw the guy a life line here.
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