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  1. That's pretty neat. I feel like that design is based on one of his old mangas but i can't find it.
  2. Haha, yes. Tomoko-chan is winning you over!

    [edit]: Accept that Nier from generous No One. How have you not played that yet?
  3. at the end of episode 2, i felt exactly the way Tomoko did. Yu and her dumb boyfriend are stupid, i hate them.
  4. I do like me some Trucy. And Pearl is super kawaii...

    Nevertheless, I shall resist. Capcon is just too terrible for me to support.
  5. Ah, yes, the nendroid. I may need that as well.

    Have you warmed to her yet? If you hate her you hate me. Basically.
  6. 'twas cute.
  7. Hi Finch. I like your post-card swap notes.
  8. I got rep, but it wasn't worth it. It's just a dumb message board, and I know you knew I was kiddin' around, but I felt bad last night when I went to sleep.

    Sorry, finchers.
  9. I'm your friend, Finch. I was just being rude.
  10. Hooray! I didn't know.

  11. it looks pretty freaking adventurey

    the city is fake, and in fact, all of Layton's adventures were fake and took place in Luke's snowglobe.
  12. Yeah, Fake Future Luke built underground London (that's apparently nearly the size of real London) to fool the scientists into thinking they were in the future. I think it would be more plausible if they actually were in the future.
  13. You will be caught up to me soon. Crazy how you went through them so fast. I remember the Finch guy from Unwound Future, but had already forgotten most of everything else you posted. And I only played it like a year ago. Brain is horrible. I couldn't even remember for sure if it was a fake village in UF.
  14. i laughed when it really was another fake village. I know the last Nintendo Layton is coming out probably late this year, but i hope they just blow the roof off with absurdity. Don Paolo disguised as a time travelling fake village complete with Stachen and Pavel.
    Also Unwound Future was good enough that I want to keep playing! I'm going to run out of Layton games soon...
  15. She is pretty cute.
    I think i spoiled myself about Chelmey being in at least one more game as younger Chelmey.
    Also Amelia from the Layton film is really cute and it'll be a real shame if they never use her again.

  16. Whoa, this girl is cute. There is some Roll cosplay for ya:
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