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  1. Happy Birthday brother, I hope amazing food and games await you tonight!
  2. Happy Birthday young gun, I'm going to get all the achievements in every game I've ever owned, today, in your honor
  3. Yo, thanks mah man!
  4. Happy Birthday bro, may your hunts today be extra fruitful!!!
  5. Thanks for the rep comment dude, I found myself literally WORRYING every month leading up to December thinking "Dang, he keeps completing games, my list is gunna look like a joke by comparison!" This year Im not going to worry about 100% completing games (well, some of them I will *cough*Bloodborne*cough*DarkSouls2SotFS*cough*Witcher3*cough*), hopefully I'll still get a bunch done though, I'm playing catch up to the master!
  6. Yooo, thanks Pineapple Always good to hear from ya, brooodude, have fun gamin'!
  7. Happy Bday buddy, I'll see if I can beat a game tonight in your honor
  8. Happy Birthday dude!!!
  9. Happy Birthday Rocca!!!!
  10. Oh, it IS. Sup yo.
  11. Yo, is this the Pine to the APPLE, son? Wurd?
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