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  1. True. I am glad you are posting on TNL, again. It's good for us all.
  2. Steve Jobs spirit lives in my Mac.
  3. Steve Jobs is no longer with us.
  4. Why RIP?
  5. Partially. I think people who know me can tell when I am sincere.
  6. Doc are you Sincere when you post on TNL? Nick and I worked something out to reopen the poll.
  7. ​Oh we need you in my Bright Club Social Group. Let the twins know please.
  8. Doc early parole for good behavior?
  9. Hey Doc,

    How are you? Let's chat sometime.
  10. Yes. That's funny and Awesome!
  11. I voted for Al Franken today. Are we still friends?
  12. Happy Birthday to the TNL Villans.
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