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  1. I can't rep you, but I love your denial of the online persona I try to apply.
  2. It wasn't very exciting. Something about, "Durr, does he rent or own the store?" from Dolemite.
  3. Solely because you referred to me as a "spitfire."
  4. Don't be shy, little spitfire!
  5. Always playing hard to get...
  6. Stop calling me a cunt in rep. I don't find it charming.
  7. I got cut off...

    D'awww, thanks! Yeah, I'm over it. I think what I got out of this is that I'll have to create a God from scratch, bottom up, now that I can understand what a world without one would be like. And I've never had the typical Christan relationship with God; I never saw it as a parenting protector, but rather an ever moving obstacle to get around. So, call that God, or mother nature, or gravity, whatever, that's what I feel on a daily basis. But... I also have like 20 accounts on this board and I think some of those exist too...
  8. Sorry for not joining your tournament invites, Doc. I'm not so good at the arcadey games. -_-

    (Yer PMs are full, btw.)
  9. I remember holding the LP cover up in front of a mirror when I was a lil'un.
  10. That's pretty good you caught that...

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