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  1. happy birthday?
  2. Yeah, Scourge told me to watch it a long time ago. It's so good, though, everyone should see it again if they have already.
  3. Had you seen Paper Moon? I was thinking no one would have seen it but they all have! (^o^: )
  4. I like Adam West Batman AND THAT'S IT.
  5. You will be 1st on the list when the bear trilogy is done! Give me a little while though, i have a bit of a backlog.
  6. ;___;
  7. It appears we have lost Corn Dog. He said in his will the right to all his artwork belongs to Finchie.
  8. The posts for Corn Dog have been moved to here... oh no... i thought this was the case, but i was really hoping he was real.
  9. Corn Dog, can i use your owl drawing for icarus's website? Depending on how it fits in with the rest of the page, i might retrace it with vectors just so it meshes better with the rest of the design. (it'll be just the owl part)
  10. I sure do like that cat avatar. I want to see it at the beginning of a lot of posts.
  11. I hope you're around for a long time, Corn Dog.
  12. Of course we can. My local bike-tea shop would probably set up a function! we could even have a bike-tea bookclub!
  13. Can we trade penguin classics and have tea together?
  14. We should be friends, Tacos.
  15. It took me a while to figure out what you were talking about. But now i know!
  16. Thread for Tracer is also for you!
  18. pancakes are nice
  19. hoo?
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