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  1. omg well thanks I'm sorry I missed this.

    Turns out it was a different the one in Marietta as opposed to the one that was in Decatur.

    My first thought was "oh shit, the Luther Burger place". But it's not. I don't think. Still, Georgia in the news.
  3. wait what?
  4. It's an awesome place to live, I'm completely jealous. I used to spend entire days just walking around enjoying the view.

    WTF's going on with the Mulligan's "Curious George" T-Shirt thing?
  5. Coming along really well. I have plenty of pics and info and I still plan on starting a thread as soon as I finally have soe time to sit down and put the shit together. I am really falling in love with this city.
  6. Yeah, they used to work on Capone's trucks next door. I think it's a place to get cheap slices of pizza now.

    Man, I miss Savannah! How's the bar coming?
  7. Hey buddy. I finally met M. Silver. We went to a nice meal at Jerome's Old School Diner. Saw your old building - were you sleepin in Al Capone's old crib or what?
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