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  1. thank you finchie!!!!!! <333
  2. Wehhhhhhh, happy birthday like a week later!
  3. Woo woo! Time frame doesn't matter much to me. I like getting presents ANY DAY of the year!
  4. Oh jeez, I'm a space cadet - I didn't even see it! :/ Anyway...I'll be sending you something shortly but it might not arrive until after Xmas! <3 You have some dope socks on your list and I cant resist~
  5. It's still on the wish list page if you really really want to, but please don't feel like you have to!
  6. where did your list go? I want to return the favor!!! I will have fun with my puffy pens, hee hee hee~
  7. n__n You're welcome! I hope you have fun with your puffy pens! Merry Christmas!
  8. Finchy baby, you're a sweetheart. I think you're swell <3 Thank you so much and (メリー・クリスマス) !
  9. haha I will be internet friends with you baby <3
  10. Satsuki, would you like to be internet friends with me?
  11. it's ok finchy! I am easy to hate, I think...I can be kind of annoying. but i don't mean to be, I am just nervous a lot. <3
  12. OKAY FINE. I'm sorry for being rude to you sometimes. I like your bat avatar.
  13. haha! I'm sorry you hate me in small amounts, I like you! I think you're nice. but it's ok we don't have to be BFF or anything.
  14. Mzo says he doesn't hate you, so i guess i can't either. I can't promise i won't hate you forever, but it'll only be in small amounts.
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