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  1. I forgot you were into Nier! Are you excited for the 2nd one? I was flipping out when they announced it.
  2. I didn't even know about it until you mentioned it! I don't think i have enough time to do something this month, but maybe i'll try. I should just submit those drawings i made for them a couple years ago
  3. Can relate. Finishing school sounds like a pretty good step! Gonna enter the deeerhoof manga portrait thing?
  4. I'm doing okay! I just finished up school for the second time and now am seriously questioning what i want to make of myself and why i haven't made something of myself earlier!
  5. Thanks Finch! How be you?
  6. Happy birthday Salsashark!
  7. Beaauuutiful
  8. It's really good! It has a cute womanizer character named Ringabel. Also jealous you met DH. =d
  9. I really really want to play that Bravely Default game!

  10. :D
  11. Aw man nice, wish I could goo
  12. Deer Hooooof show Tuesday YAY!
  13. saaaaalsaaaaaaaaaaa
  15. phew! Take care and please stay safe!
  16. I hope you're okay Salsashark!
  17. That's awesome!!

  18. Salsa! All of the current Deerhoof members (even Ed Rodriguez who wasn't on Runners Four!) signed a drawing i did of them for a burnt cd of Runners Four that i gave to a friend a long time ago! Greg's parents liked it so much that he took several pictures of it with their phone!
  19. Of course! Love No One Asked to Dance and Secret Mobilization and all the rest.
  21. Have you been listening to that new Deerhoof? I ordered the pink LP (even though i don't have a record player) and have been blasting the mp3 tracks into my ears. It's really good. It's making me give Friend Opportunity and Offend Maggie another chance.
    Also, there's a totally amazing version of I Did Crimes for You on the Hoofdriver 7" (which i also ordered despite not having a record player. it's yellow, so it's okay.)
  22. So good!
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