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  1. that rabbit is tearing it up
  2. this is really good...

  3. Hello, I am Vifam.
  4. maybe it's Ganon bu
  5. Musou protips for your upcoming moosey experience:

    1. Play on hard.
    2. Always save enough meter for a counter musou.
    3. Always run away from Lu Bu the first time you meet him.

    ...some of those may not be applicable.


    Stumbled upon this when I randomly realized Obari and Tsukasa Kotobuki's stuff was similar and decided to google 'em together. Interesting read.

  7. that's more like it

  8. that's more like it
  9. Whoah. Didn't know the Lunars had image albums. Neat.

  11. "おまえはもう分かってる" "You already understand"

    (stolen from Daniel Feit on twitter)
  12. HECK YAH
  13. Fantasy Liiiiiiffffeee!@!
  14. If you see the Bushwhackers on your walkabout, tell 'em they're awesome for me.

  15. I found a Finch-ism in youtube form.

  16. I like Yasayuki Okamura's cartoon dancing.

    His real dancing...not so much.

  17. Finch has a cruuuush~
  18. .__. she's an illustrator too... she probably designed that site herself...
  19. I really like Tatami Galaxy. I didn't know she did the music for Space Dandy. That's pretty appropriate, since that second song wouldn't be out of place in Cowboy Bebop. Look at that kawaii mess. I was all "auuuugh, flaaaash" until i realized it wasn't. i like this Yakushimaru even more now. I'll have to look out for her music.
  20. Etsuko Yakushimaru is a name to remember.

  21. Edit: Oh! That reminds me, weren't you wondering a while ago about the origin of that gif with the girl changing outfits in the mirror? That was Ashita no Nadja. The Doremi staff did Doremi then Nadja then a shit ton of pretty cures.

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