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  1. Thanks Addy, yeah they had a few there, I hadnt seen yet.
  2. Tight Bangin' - Ill have to stalk Chux's posts and look for it
  3. LOL. I got it from that one site Chux posted. LOL.
  4. Oh, shit Addy! Why is that the first time Ive seen that Dark Knight/Joker poster - bad ass! - And that now makes 3 of these Joker posters, I have to own...
  5. Like I said in the official group board ...

    I invited you, cause you were the catalyst of this movement.
  6. I hear ya bud.
  7. Whatcho talkin bout 'Willis?

    Ive been there :P - Im stayin away from that Iron Man thread though, dont wanna be spoiled as I aint gonna be seein it till next week :/
  8. I miss you in Cinemania, man.
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