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  1. Thank you, sire! Thou art thy wisest of them all!
  2. Happy birthday badvocate
  3. word. Mine's truly a rude owl.
  4. Icarus wants trees with owls in them on the front page, so i am going to use different people's owls.
  5. but of course, finchie-pooh. I forgot to sign my artwork, but yes use it.
  6. Badvocate, may i use your owl drawing in the design of icarus's website? I might re-trace it with vectors to make it fit in better visually, but that's the only way i'd change it
  7. you tricked me ... hard.
  8. That's not polite, Badvocate.
  9. I hope you get AIDS, Douch-ie.
  10. i'm sorry i can't rep that post because i just repped you earlier. it's rep in my heart.
  11. I'm doing pretty well! I just haven't had much to post about lately. How are you?
  12. I haven't seen you around. How are ya?
  13. Hi there Badvocate!
  14. <3 Finch! Hiyas, my friend!
  15. lol at you ramon comment in your blog.
  16. No. I think I should.
  17. I forget stuff like that. Did you see Winter's Crossing?
  18. I posted that info way back in March in the "I just watched" thread. And you made a comment about it and told me to see these other movies too. I guess you forgot about that, Finchie-kins.
  19. I will never ever see Avatar unless it's about The Last Airbender.
    Sherlock Holmes was way good though.
  20. You need to see Avatar in 3D.
  21. Quote Originally Posted by Badvocate
    Same could be said for you.

    i'm sorry, i was being facetious, but it probably read angry.
  22. It's been a while since i've worked on my scooter, but if you have any questions i am happy to help!
    If you's got aims, add me. i am cabbitohki
    If you don't, email me finchiefinch at gmail dot com
  23. Badvocate, i only tease you because i love you. but i used to hate you. but not anymore.
  24. Butt-vocate
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