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  1. This version of VB doesn't enable it, yet. =(
  2. Why don't you change your profile page to all pink?
  3. I'm all done moving now.
  4. Good luck with moving, it sure is a pain in the ass.
  5. where did the text design box go?
  6. I didn't start it this time!

    also nice hello kitty in the text box.
  7. Are you going to make a group for every female body part or what?
  8. awww. I didn't mean it Finch. Even though you hated Iron Man I can't hate you.
  9. yay for spamming. I say delete the messages which you can do.
  10. Yeah did you vanish off the boards?
  11. My fave color is Purple.

    So, as you can see my original avatar even sported the color.
  12. Loving the new look ya got going in here.
  13. Oh lord. MOUR?
  14. Rated E is the pink Ninja. She's not too stealthy.
  15. Hey Samba ... I made my colors around my team. So
  16. hi!
  17. Weird, I haven't left you a message on your profile yet...

  18. LOL@Profile pic. Rated E looks like a pink version of a terrorist. In fact she should make a group like that.
  19. Damn Yellerdog stole my line.
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