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  1. good luck.
  2. wow its bright in here.

    I wonder if you like the Chargers ... oh wait. My page isn't much better.
  3. Most people's these days.
  4. sounds like my life.
  5. Busy, stressed, going insane. The usual.

    How are you?
  6. how are you?
  7. Hello!
  8. hi
  9. Sorry, I read it after I sent you that message. I feel like crap.

    I'm really sorry to hear about your niece, that's terrible.
  10. check the what's bugging you thread.
  11. Why not well? Because The Eagles lost?
  12. going okay. okay not well.
  13. Hey! How's it going?
  14. Hi!
  15. Told you my boys would come through.
  16. Bummer. I use ass-kickin' style, so it shows up fine for me. Oh well. At least it shows up for you in the text box.
  17. switch the forum style from whatever you have to TNL Classic 2.0 ... the one i use.
  18. Its the actual forum setting.
  19. You can blame it on my end, I am on a Wii after all.
  20. Might be on my end ... maybe.
  21. I don't know what to tell ya, it's dark blue on my end. Sorry.

    I'll check it out on my work comp tomorrow.

    check it check it out ...on and on and on rock on till tha breaka breaka dawn its on.
  23. Looks fine to me, so it stays. I don't know what you're talking about, I changed all the text to dark blue. Crazy man.
  24. the typing in the text box yes ... the text in the profile no. check your own profile to see the text color you have set and then change accordingly!
  25. I was rushing to get it finished before I got off of work since I can't upload pics at home (no comp). Fixed, better?
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