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  1. Hey.
  2. Haven't dropped a line in forever, so... What's up?
  3. lol.
  4. It's worked well for AVGN and Obama Girl...
  5. figures. I am internet popular ... ughhh.
  6. BJ talk is always good for a chuckle. Your new-found cartoon TNL-fame has had me rolling lately.
  7. its all good. I spread my rep around like its butter on hot toast. Like I repped everyone in the singles thread. I'm sick so the talk of BJ's was hilarious to me.
  8. Shit... I totally walked into that one.

    Also, I haven't been able to rep you in forever (apparently I need to "spread it around" more), but I'll get ya back.
  9. I wish I could rep Samba for that gif (the second one below, 5/31 @ 7:16). It's the funniest thing I've ever seen.
  10. Your Titty Vultures thread is one of the best things on the Internet. I love tits.
  11. LOL! I wish I could rep. That was classy.
  12. I do that, and I augment it with the Mr. T "eat your greens and don't do drugs" regimen. It doesn't solve my Succubus problem, but my skin is rather supple.
  13. poor squall.

    Do the Hulk Hogan diet and you should be okay. Vitamins, saying prayers, and believing in oneself.
  14. Yeah, and now that she's finished with school, she's moving in in a couple weeks. What little vitality and will to live that I have now will be totally drained. Yay.
  15. since the succubus sucks all your life away.
  16. Thanks for popping my visitor message cherry. And thanks for the lovely pictures of tits and ass. I'd like to sop them up with a biscuit. -------->
  17. this place needs a hi ...

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