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  1. Like Samba said ...

    Just do it ... shave.
  2. thanks <3
  3. She;s got nothing on you ... at all. Meaning you are way ... by far better. I like some meat on my bones. Not saying you have a lot, you don't. But she is too too skinny.
  4. oh it totally did. apparently shes done some shots for abercrombie.
  5. Hope that made your day.
  6. aww how nice.
  7. The pic of that girl and the bike ... yeah she's not as hot as you.
  8. I sent it. Thanks. I used the bags I carried the figure in. I had to walk 1.5 miles to get to the place. Then walked 1.5 back home. Fun times. But it was worth it, hopefully Chux gets it in a few days.

    Thanks for your help.
  9. hmmm ... okay. Thanks.
  10. if you are concerned about it getting there intact in its original package, box it up with peanuts for sure. if its in a bubble mailer it will get crushed. it could be up to 200 lbs put on top of it so be aware of that. ship it ups, and use a box from a ups store cause those are made to withstand 200 lbs.
  11. Nah not so much. You can just click the view conversation and it will take you to a window where you only see yours and my response. Wow can I talk in english today?

    anyway, I need to ship a package to Chux. Its an action figure still in the packaging. What's the best way to ship it? Box and packing peanuts? Or in a bubblewrap envelope?
  12. lol @ me...
  13. good job at posting your response on your profile. I had to go to it to see if you replied. LOL.

    Yeah asking TNL for dating advice is like asking for trouble.
  14. Razor doesn't front, but he can come off as an asshole.

    also: do what you want. I want kids. Most nice guys do. Kids are great.
  15. im always nice to samba! but sometimes im clumsy and almost take her foot off with a tape dispenser or almost hit her in the face with the bag of packing peanuts...but its not on purpose!
  16. awww. I'm touched.

    Treat Samba nicely ... damn you.

    I'm also listening to Rtificial's first radio DJ'ing gig. AWESOME SHIT. Though his music is not something YOU listen too. Electronica is not for everyone.
  17. i know i know. im probably going to go for the nice one because he reminds me of you
  18. BTW your whole fucking two guys thing ... thats rather slutty. Pick the nice guy ... the second one.

    Nice guys finish last. I am one of the nice guys.

    Biff's Rec room = Retirement Community Clubhouse.
  19. for reals! it looks like its in a nursing home!
  20. He's so cool. I wanna be like him and other men want to be him.

    ps: thanks.

    also: what a fucking bland ass rec room. Not even one fucking movie poster? No fucking Godfather poster ... nothing. And its fucking BRIGHT! Dim the fucking lights!
  21. hahaha, i totally saw that in the photo. it looked like one of those desks with the tops that you can build legos on.

    ps youre awesome!!!
  22. word
  23. lord I'm bored.
  24. He better be Korian.

    and korean.
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