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  1. And I told you who I was ;p
  2. I like how your blowing it out of proportion. I saw you post on the board and instead of shitting up a thread I went to you page and asked you wait ... who are you?
  3. I asked politely who are you. As in ... Hi, who are you?
  4. Then why are you swinging yours around on my page? Of what concern am I to you? ;p
  5. Like I care about the size of e-dicks. In fact the majority of the posters can suck an e-dick.
  6. My E-dick is still bigger.
    I was one of these faggots' g/fs, but otherwise I am from the Rampant Faggotry guild on WoW.
  7. I've been a member since 2002. So, who are YOU?
  9. wait ... who are you?
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