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  1. That's fine! It'll be fine whenever you want to come out here!

    Also, the trick to a good outburst is tangents. It makes you look sane if you stay on topic.
  2. How about New Years instead of Christmas? I've spent all my previous New Years Days in and around Chicago.
  3. Kay, added!
  4. Hit me up on Live Messenger,, when you see me, if you don't mind.
  5. It is going well! i have begun to relax and learn to just take it as it goes. I think i had my own problems the first time and that it took me that time to realize what they were. Even if this does not work out, i feel i have grown from the original situation.
  6. His other cartoons give a conflicting message:

    I think your Indian friend wants Finch to smoke until he gets old and marries a health professional.
  7. "The less he smoked, the longer he lived"? That makes no fucking sense whatever. Think about it.
  8. How's your little time anomaly going anyway?
  9. I think he needs to find an American girl to marry before they let him back.
  10. So when is Razor going to get tired of being banned? Yosh being the only one who pisses me off isn't happy. Well, other people piss me off, but i don't like them anyway and i like Yosh and Rayzor.
  11. It is dangerous territory, maybe.
  12. If she was in another relationship after yours and was recently dumped, be even more extra careful. There's already existing baggage from your time together, I'd bet. You don't need to deal with emotions inspired by some other dude.

    Con cuidado, Finchie.
  13. i know...
    it's very complicated.
  14. Good for you. Just make sure you are in the driver's seat when it comes to the relationship, because her wanting to "keep a connection" and coming back the next year sets off my Spider-sense. If you ever want to talk about these matters, hit me up on AIM or via PM.
  15. it is a situation that i'm being cautious about. She wanted to keep a connection even after we were split, and she refused to let me burn that bridge and i really tried to burn that bridge. I'm not sure where it will go from here, but for now i'm taking it one. step. at. a. time.
  16. I can definitely relate to the feeling of a block of time becoming irrelevant. It's almost like some months or even years are "non canon." In fact, with me, I could even split my past into two or three timelines that have a common beginning but branch off into almost separate realities.

    I have felt at times that it would be better for all involved if I split up into three Nicks - one for her, one for her, and one for me. The trick is finding the girl that makes you want to converge.

    Anyway, I'm glad you may be putting the bad behind you. I don't know why you split with your girl, so I can't tell if getting back together is a good thing or not. I'll just say that if it was bad news before, or unsatisfying, you should be cautious now.
  17. Also, i will tell you of a very strange change of events. Time has flipped and life is continuing the way it would have if 2008 had never happened. strange indeed. i am maybe back with my ex-girlfriend, i think; it is the strangest result and the final event that reverses everything of 2008. I'm not so sure it is solid, but i am optimistic as well as slightly baffled.
  18. An odd contortionist twin with wildly varying skin color and a body that changes proportions based on time of day.
    Nicholas, i swear to you that this is not Zooey and that i will get to the bottom of it!
  19. Zooey has a three-sided shrine in a very, very prominent location in a heavily trafficked Chicago shopping institution. The signs are huge and eye-catching. I don't understand why she does all that nasty porn if she can get legit work like this.

    Maybe she has a naughty twin?

    Click for full size
  20. E said a month, I said three days. I was too sleepy to argue and I did try to help you earlier.
  21. Where are all your colors now, banned boy?

    Uh, Xmas is still on, right?
  22. Not intense, eh? Um, is Hope Sandoval too old for you? She plays a bunch of instruments. Probably'd have you taking up the xylophone in no time. And she would look right at home in whatever room you shot your YouTube video in. She's in Denver and Chicago the same week in October, so you can also give her any gifts you have for me.
  23. i don't like that girl very much. i'm not big into intense people.
  24. Maybe you should bide your time with someone else while Zooey wakes up from whatever stupor she is currently in. May I suggest some Intense Japanese? Weird chicks make the best ____ buddies.
  25. She's . . . recovering.
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