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  1. Did you kill Zooey?
  2. That's upsetting!
  3. I finally watched that Ex-Boyfriend video. Honestly, it makes me feel like Krazy Gluing Soko's ass to plexiglass and forcefeeding her laxatives. I'm kinda unrefined about art sometimes, though, so is that the desired effect?
  4. Owl let her explain.
  5. Nicholas... Hoo is THIS?
  6. Yeah, so . . . the $500 one is what you want, but you'd settle for a $700 one? Can't you just borrow the custom D-VI I had made for E? It's a little girlie-looking, but you could wear spiked wrist pads or something while you play it.
  7. No! I want.... a...
    Ka'Aloha soprano ukulele made from Koa. A tenor or baritone would be fine though. Or even a concert. You can include a jar of bacconaise if you are feeling nice.
  8. I guess I'll change my Christmas present to you.

    Hmm . . . Howzabout a set of Criss Angel DVDs smeared with Baconnaise?
  9. I had one of those spicy chicken sandwiches. They're pretty good. It tastes less like fake food than any other sub-Chick fil A sandwich!
  10. Nothing pitiful about it. Unless they find me dead in your chimney in a big red suit. But we all knew that would happen eventually.
  11. No! I'm saying okay to spending Christmas together. It is the pitiful type of "okay...".

    I think i'm going to get a spicy chicken sandwich right now.
  12. I'll buy one for you today and wrap it up for Xmas. Unless that was the wrong "okay...," that is.
  13. okay...

    hm. wendy's spicy chicken sounds good right about now.
  14. How's my boy? Let's spend Christmas together.
  15. Nonsense. You were clearly cheered up. If you're down again, let me know.
  16. i'm sorry you hate me now Nick. i'll make it with the help of Soko's darling voice and vulgar lyrics
  17. it's the special medicine taking effect. it me forget verbs
  18. Hmm . . . what could that missing verb be? "Warm"? "Spill?" "Fall"? I'm hoping it's "heal over."

    In any case, I checked my special mood ring AND my voodoo 8 ball and they both tell me I still like Finch. So here's today's message.
  19. it's alright... soon it'll all over. forever.

  20. I will post a message for you every day until you cheer up or until I legitimately start to hate you, whichever comes first.
  21. Dear Nick, you are invited to my birthday party at Casa Bonita in Lakewood, CO on March 24th of 2009. I imagine all of 1 or 2 people that actually live within a couple hundret miles will show up, if anyone does at all, but it would be nice if you could make it.
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