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  1. I'm having more fun at work than you are.
  2. Your row on the members list looks cool. It's as if you're the flesh-and-blood version of your avatar, only snowier.
  3. I mistook your shadow for a snow angel.
  4. Get your ass in gear. It's Bitchsgiving!
  5. Pep it up.

  6. Guvmint-issued browser. We do get lunch, you know.
  7. Are you browsing through your phone? Or on the governments computer?
  8. If I am served a piece of sushi with a face on it, and I'm really, really hungry, would you hate me if I just went ahead and ate it? I mean, I could ask if it had any last words first, and I'd send a couple of bucks to its family.
  9. I had animals first.
  10. Such a copy cat.
  11. n__n THANKS!
  12. There's none better. Also, I love your new page design.
  13. See? I do good things every once in awhile.
  14. .
  15. Doc says you're my "woman" now, and he's a medical professional, so welcome to my-womanhood. Bring a lint brush, because I get fuzzy sometimes.
  16. Les luxeux expressions franšaises? ┐Los piropos obscenos?

    I'll try to walk away with you clinging to my leg, but I may walk through mud.
  17. .*
  18. .
  19. I'm trying to figure out the best way to have an outburst on your page. Finch, HELP!
  20. .
  21. Rated E for Enchanting Eyes.
  22. Don't mean to come across as too needy, but I'm looking for a little bit of everything. Can you help me?
  23. I need something to spank it to during the afternoon lull. Bunnies on Post-It Notes don't quite do it.
  24. Back to browsing TNL at work I see.
  25. Life could be worse. You could be a skinned rodent lying on a plate.
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