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  1. You were accidentally deleted by an amateur. It's dead anyway! But maybe a New Years revival is in order.
  2. how come you never approved me on that other forum!?! stink owl hoo
  3. I did! While most wouldn't consider it ideal, I'm very happy about it!
  4. Sup? Did I read that you got a job?
  5. hooo
  6. D= dang, it has been awhile since you posted.
  7. If I ever feel the need to post here again I may bring it back!
  8. I miss your Alice Margatroid avatar.
  9. Hey, how are things on your end??
  10. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee rated eeeeeeeeee eee eee

  11. I'm pretty sure my roommate got on getting it fixed after I left. If it's not settled when I get back, it should be soon after. I got Uno with some of the points I got for Christmas!
  12. Good, but this snow is getting old fast. Did you say your xbox is busted? We need to play something in '10. D=
  13. PA has been great! How were the holidays there?
  14. How is your holiday going Gravy?
  15. Thank you so much for the cookbook ~~

    Post a list so I can get you nice things too!
  16. I might be playing L4D tonight! Maaaybe! Depends on when/if friends get here!
  17. And now I see that it's been a week since you sent that...@_@ I haven't been on in awhile.
  18. D= gah, I totally would have played L4D if I had been on, I need to start playing again so I don't REALLY suck when 2 comes out.
  19. Yay aims! I am back in Boston now, happy times. How is you?
  20. Hi Grave, how have you been? I am sorry I am not on the aims very much, but maybe I will make a point to get on more. 4 U.
  21. You aren't on the aims ever either!
  22. It is Dog Money, of course!
  23. So, what IS canine currency anyway?
  24. BWAAAA
  25. bwaaaa
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