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  1. whatever, I'm on aim and you're being an owl because I'm not talking to you. I'M STEALING ALL YOUR FRIENDS.
  2. I'm on frickin aimz right now, you're the one who doesn't talk to me anymore!
  3. I'm going to post a picture of cat's butt, cause you don't talk to me anymore.
  4. Post a picture of your new, cuter, kitty.
  5. don't lie!
  6. I was at the tarin station but yuou bever came! I hate you now forever. ANd evber. ruderudertuderude rude. you're a rude owl.
  7. Ride your scoot over the mountains and we can watch movies. I will feed you.
  8. WHO WHO??
  9. pocchari pronz.
  10. Click for full size
  12. I made the kitten but can't find a robot to deliver it.
  13. once... we were friends.

    weren't we?
  14. when i die
  15. i will be inside a cellular phone some day!
  16. whar did you go?
  17. today i cut my thumb and it hurts bad. i am telling you this!
  18. Fine. Guess whose number i'm deleting from my phone!
  19. We'are nevar frend!s
  20. Kungs Fu Pandars, number one panda guy
    Kungs Fu Pandars, faster than a super fly

    chigga chump chigga chump chigga bump bump bump, chigga chump chigga chump chigga bump bump bump

    Kungs Fu Pandars, number one super guy!
  21. I have no idea why you sent me another friends request, as we're already friends. =/

    Also, this reminded me of you;

  22. please be my friend again. i am sad and lonely.
  23. wutevar, whenever I text you, you just IGNORE ME.
  25. i never felt like...
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