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  1. <- I love this person's illustrations.
  2. That one girl who liked math visited my profile and didn't say ANYTHING...

    i don't want anyone else. i only want someone who likes math and programming... i feel like someone who actually liked all the things i like would be boring, but someone who likes math and programming, that's different, because it's so rare to meet someone who actually likes math.

    Also she's wearing a hat, that's why her hair is flat.
  3. I look like an owl-tree alien girl? It's a cool picture, hair should be less limp and more huge and disheveled.

  4. I bet you like this because it looks like you.
  5. I stopped by the arctic owls this morning, and they were kind of sleeping so I quietly (and politely) said "hoo hoo" to them. They woke up and turned to look at me. Their eyes are so intense! The bald eagles looked at me too and they looked crank, but still impressive.
  6. Click for full size
  7. This is a better owl tumblr:

    I really like this one:
  8. It's pretty ugly right now, but it works.

    PS, if you ever want your tumblr page styled so it works, just give me a yell. You just have to place the tumblr things.
  9. I think you or I could compile better owl images.

    I want a bun just like this one
  10. Tumblr recommended this blog to me:

    Shoot. I tried to change the color, but it just shows up as white. There's a link in that white space.
  11. I just want to run right through them.

  13. Only some are the same...
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