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  1. Why aren't you showing ME pictures of Arale? I'm the one who likes Akira Toriyama more than ANYTHING (except Galaxy Express 999).
  2. o.o
  3. I knew that but then I forgot.
  4. That isn't Bulma! It's Oolong in Bulma's form!
  5. Do you know about the pafu pafu? Bulma explains.

  6. Pafu pafu pafu pafu
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  10. That is where he went, and got lost forever. Maybe I can find him.
  11. I 'm going into the World of Warcraft....just like Mode7
  12. Where are you going?
  13. oh, this too.

  14. Two more ladies have found their way into your heart this week. I must go now...
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  16. She looks owlish there.
  17. I don't use it as much anymore because no one else really does! Some people are aloof, but I'm that way sometimes.
  18. If people used the wall posts more i wouldn't be so far ahead. It is my favorite thing on TNL and i'm sad no one else likes it as much. Whenever i want to talk to another person on another message board i'm sad because i can't as easily.
  19. I rode horsies the other day.
  20. It is tempting to compete with you in that, but I know I would never win. I'd have to become REALLY annoying or something.
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