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  1. Thanks Brookie! I was just going to sit around and pick my nose all day, but now I will aspire to do something VERY special (I will use BOTH hands)!
  2. Hope you're doing something special on your day. Happy Birthday!
  3. Hehe alright sounds good. I wasn't on last night but I'll be home from work by 11pm or so my time barring any plans that pop up, so if you see me sign on remind me.
  4. I'll be on later tonight and tomorow if you want to have a few matches. I guarantee you wont get frustrated playing against me.
  5. Thats too funny We totally have to play before I get too frustrated with it and turn it in. You down for any games tonight? If you don't see me on and wanna play just text me 585 414 1707
  6. Whilst playing MVC3 the other night, you signed in right as Deadpool was shouting "PINEAPPLE SURPRISE!" It made me laugh.
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