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  1. Over the past couple months. I started a long time ago but didn't get anywhere, so I just restarted it
  2. Wait, did you only start watching Gurren Lagann now?
  3. Gurren Lagan is really good. I thought it was okay for the first few episodes, and BAD that one episode, but tonight i started on episode 5 or 6 and i looked up and suddenly i had watched to episode 11.
  4. Merry Spooky February Christmas!
  5. Tiny cartridge told me to buy luminays vita too

    i will. it'll be like old times

  6. we your friends meduka

    Man, the Lamune/Ramune series that made it over here never piqued my interest at all, but these early shows look cheezy-Slayers enough for me to adore. I've gotta hunt this down.

    Reminds me a bit of K.O. Beast

  8. I hear tell we'll never get the Dreaming Machine, Finch. Something's holding up its completion.

    I have Tropic of the Sea, but I haven't read it yet! What you said actually makes me want to drop everything and finish it, though.
  9. Wow, if anyone were to show me a random page from Satoshi Kon's Tropic of the Sea, i sure would've guessed it was Katsuhiro Otomo with Naoki Urasawa as his assistant credited only by pseudonym
    Have you read it yet? I only flipped through it for now, but it looks pretty cool

    is it time for Satoshi Kon to be re-animated so he can finish Dreaming Machine
  10. Finch... the Labors...


  11. it's real...

  12. It seems like she is kawaii
  13. The Puppeteer is really the best game, honestly.
  14. i'm sorry i included you in the people i hate. I forgot you were playing Puppeteer too and that you really liked it
  15. Cho-aniki no Mori
  16. Animal Crossing. It's Animal Crossing.


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