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  1. Finch, what are you posting on my wall?
  2. The card game is dumb, but you only need to play it like 3 times.

    Haven't played Bugs vs. Tanks despite having it on my 3DS. I'll get to it!
  3. The card game in Friday Monsters really bogs it down. I want to see more 70s child antics and less janken!

    Otherwise, I agree. Friday Monsters wins the Guild battle!

    Have you tried Bugs VS Tanks? Been curious.
  4. I liked Starship Damrey, and i think i like it more when i think back to it than immediately after i beat it.

    I think Friday Monsters is the best game in the entire Guild series though. (i hope they make more of them)
  5. Thanks for the well-wishes, Finch!

    Enjoy this video of the worst, Galaxy Express-related thing!

  6. I missed your birthday! Late Happy Birthday!
  9. what's a kawaiikochan
  10. it popped up on my tumblr feed from

    i wish that video games would take some influence from some gritty 80's-90's anime
  11. Finch, how did you find a Patlabor cassette commercial?


  12. i don't know what this is... i think it's a commercial for cassette tapes. I think they would've sold a lot better if anime beams of light came out of the recording device whenever something was finished. Eff cd's, i want beams of light.
  14. thank you for the galaxy express!
  15. Yo, Finch. That PM WAS just what I posted before Satsuki came and posted and forced me to explain my post instead of just responding with a few words.


    Finch, I needs that Patlabor Early Days OVA. Have you seen that thing around anywhere besides Amazon for $GRILLI.ON?
  16. sometimes tnl gets really old and it makes me sad

    Did you send something via private message or was it the same thing you just said? I cleaned up my inbox. i always let it run too high.
  17. I wish I could rep you for that comment in the Guild 01 thread. Hahah.
  18. There is indeed some Patlabor in my Avatar.

    I have the whole show (besides the first OVA) and I've finally been watching it!
  19. Is that some Patlabor?
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