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  1. Yeah, I think that has to be right.

    But he seems like a pretty normal dude. I've bought stuff from him at generous prices. Generous for the buyer, that is.

    Nothing about this makes sense at all.
  2. Whoops!


    I hope you feel better and stop expelling mucus from your b-hole, btw.
  3. Clear some PMs!
  4. I'm also finding I often have two sentences in my head and instead of typing one and ignoring the other I often combine them. Hence "I'm finding myself..." and "I find self-censorship..." becomes what was typed below.
  5. I'm find self-censorship has become far more necessary than it had in prior times, and I'm not nearly as mean as I used to be already. When kinder, gentler TNL is still too harsh for some people you have to wonder why they're even here? But when we have only 8 people posting at any given time, I don't want to be the reason anyone gets bummed and stops logging in. History has shown him to be a thick s-o-b, but he's nice and means well so I try to just keep scrolling on by...doesn't always work.
  6. This happened with someone else recently. It made me decide it wasn't okay to make fun of that person anymore. Now I'm starting to think that maybe I should just stop posting lol.
  7. That he accepts responsibility yet clearly doesn't understand why he should has me dying.
  8. 12/32.

    He's straight Biffing now.
  9. Look at this guy, expects every steak to be a filet mignon!
  10. They're just s'posed to be fun.
  12. Can't rep but wanted to express appreciation for Rage Against the Misheen.
  13. Thanks! I got it to work, though. It works really well, actually--super-responsive for a cheap plastic Datel thing. Thanks for posting about it!
  14. No stores near me had any in stock, so I had to get a couple from .com, and since I'm a cheap bastard I opted for the free pony express shipping. I will be sure to post impressions once they arrive!
    If you're worried about downloading the bins for the amiibo, I did so already and the entirety of the amiibo line takes up a whopping 632k, so I could zip and email it to you.
  15. Have you tried the Datel Power Save thing yet? I was thinking about grabbing one, though some of these websites strike me as...insalubrious.
  16. Got it! It's lovely -- I didn't know the face plate graphics were etched like that. Thanks again!
  17. pm dat address.
  18. You are a treasure. I'm in for the white one. How much for shipping?
  19. I happen to have two. One is just the system and a complimentary Sonic 2. It is %49.99. The other is complete in the box with all the nerd accouterments and it is $89.99.
  20. Hello!

    Might you have any freshly capped Game Gears for sale? And, if so, how much? Buddy of mine is looking for one.
  21. It was.
  22. Your dad joke game is strong lately.
  23. I know you've been a noob for years and years now, but I thought he got chased out of here early on.
  24. Not only the "literally," but that "Me And My Husband" bit bothers me too. But I'm so out of practice that maybe it shouldn't?
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