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  1. you're welcome, you beautiful bastard, you!
  2. Thanks so much for Stealth Bastard!
  3. *gasp* OR CASTLE CRASHERS?!?!?!
  4. Or Crackdown?!
  5. Who's gonna play me in SF4 now? ;_;
  6. Yeah! Need to stay focused and optimistic or I'll miss the opportunities out there.
  7. Hey, sorry to hear about the rough times, going through a bit of that myself. Survival! Woo!
  8. Banned? I'm all sad inside...
  9. I'm gonna need to practice more to keep up!
  10. Whoop whoop! Good games today!
  11. it's on like Tron!
  12. Well you should front back on to daily drawing!

    Or something like that!
  13. totally does! I've been getting rusty on my discipline though. Girlfriend moving + long hours of work + SC4 = dumb Hero backing off of daily drawing!
  14. Oh man you totally are! I hope my advice helped!
  15. I am!
  16. Hey Hero! You should contribute to the Drawing School for Gentlemen!
  17. It's a line I'd have a hard time walking - which is why I just draw!
  18. Too true. There's a fine balance between talking down to kids and straight-up airing Glengarry Glen Ross at 7am!
  19. no doubt - but watching a lot of kids shows now as an uncle has taught me that there's still quite a bit of programming that underestimates how clever kids can be.
  20. It's very clever! Much better writing than the stuff we used to shovel down as kids.
  21. Just saw the trailer for it! Now that I have a niece, I'd have a good reason to it with her. It looks very clever and smart.
  22. Yup! Our show Word Girl brought it in.

    Thanks man!
  23. I'm kind of a off-again, on-again long time to the site, but I think I missed the part where you got an emmy? That's pretty damn rad! And Soup 2 Nuts? Even radder!
  24. Hay Hero!
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