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  1. Saw this add on CL and wasn't impressed with the pricing at first, but they do all seem to be complete so I figured I'd let you know about it.
  2. So what kinds of games do you like nowadays? I can't recall the last time I heard you say/saw you write about a game that you actually wanted to play or were semi-excited for. I mean obviously you're a huge fan of them Maddins and Dance Central, but what tickles your gaming fancy these days PAWL?!
  3. You just gave me my 1000th rep point. Thanks!
  4. Gunna try and get in her oversized panties? lol. Seriously though, I'll stop in to buy something soon (with cash, zomg!), and you gotta tell me what prompted this little gem in my life.
  5. You let 5 dudes... with penises... be your freind... but not me? You smelly fuck I hate you!
  6. Isn't that Jess?
  7. For real you can't come? That is the worst news ever! Fuck man I really look forward to you coming each year. I miss you dude, mad homo.
  8. Pushin for that 3k views, I see.
  9. Just pretend you're blind and plow through people. Also if you don't shower for a few days before you go shopping people will tend to just move out of your way to avoid your stink. Also walk sloppily with an open bottle of liquor in a brown paper bag.
  10. I only hurt the ones I love.
  11. Shit, you're really gunnin' for me lately.
  12. You better get well by Saturday or I'm going to kick you in the nuts.
  13. So ask Scott if there's anything he can help you out with as far as sleeping arrangements. Or be a bitch. Whatever.
  14. You know I don't have lots of friends, and when Josh goes to the mountains he sleeps in his car. I have no viable tent situation outside of buying one but I have no monies cuz I was just in NYC. Poops to me.
  15. You're still going asshole. One of your faggot ass faggot friends has to have a tent you can borrow.
  16. It's cool. Hopefully I'll catch you guys next time. Take pictures and let me know how it goes.
  17. Sorry dude. Bring a date and we can swap.
  18. Shit. I don't really have any way of making that happen unless I sleep on the lawn in a sleeping bag. Bastard!
  19. Now Patty is coming again. We're getting a hotel room. You're on your own.
  20. So do YOU have a tent or are we sleeping in your car or something? Cuz I'm letting you know right now that would lead to sex.
  21. Not poles. Pollocks. I smoke them bitches. With ma gun. Gangsta style. Bee-lee dat!
  22. I knew you smoked pole.
  23. It really didn't.
    I read the stupid joke and that instantly popped into my head.
    so fuck off.
  24. So were you serious? If so I'll come out tomorrow and sell you the rest of the stuff cuz no one is really buying anything and I'm gunna be screwed for the trip.
  25. You silly bastard why not just ask me?
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