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  1. LOL! Yeah I wondered what you meant by movie, figured you thought that. It's all good, you know I'll hit you back
  2. I mistakenly repped you.
    you meant the Tool song...
    I thought that was a porno.

    Swap that rep with Hot Shots Part Duex and call it even.
  3. I haven't seen the one with centaurs.
    maybe we should trade.
    Penis nipples and are old hat tho, seen one seen em all.
  4. So you want to give me some hentai, is that it?
    I mean, I GUESS I can be pursuaded to watch it, but only if it involves girls with penises and boobs that grow penises where nipples should be and centaurs...
    On second thought I should talk to buttcheeks.
  5. fuck! I spent all my money on Hentai.
    Next wellfare check should be here 1st of the month.
    I'll be sure to blow it on shitty videogames you no longer want.

  6. *ahem* trading depot
    No it's ok, I still <3 you.

    You never call me anymore! Asshole!
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