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  1. don't worry Finchikins, I don't hate you. you are a cool kat in my book bro
  2. Dear Elkino,
    even though i sometimes i try to be a wise ass and often turn that into being a jack ass, i want you to know that i like you even though i'm a dick to you sometimes, and also i hope you don't hate me forever.
  3. Thanks finchie-poo but don't worry I won't let his silly ramblings bother me, lol
  4. Dahg, i know you're good about not letting things get to you, but don't let Yoshi being a giant douche get to you. I have a hard time believing he's as much a dumbass as the character he plays on the internet.
  5. thanks dude
  6. you and I both buddy
  7. :O I hope you can!
  8. if we can make this happen, we will!
  9. Dear Elkino, you are invited to my birthday party at Casa Bonita in Lakewood, CO on March 24th, 2009. I invited Timber too, so you have no excuse not to be there.
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