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  1. hahahahahah!!!! thanks!!! i love it!
  2. Saw this and thought of you...because it's Ghostbusters of course!

  3. Yes mam!!! lol
  4. Watch it!
  5. yeah i watched the trailer to the Jp one on the rifftrax site, timber has it downloaded i just haven't gotten my ass around to watching it yet, lol
  6. It was indeed magical.

    The Jurassic Park one is just Mike and Wierd Al, but just as good. I'll see if I can procure a copy of the B&R one.
  7. damn you I'm jealous!! i want tom servo to whisper into my ear as well!!!

    B&R might be my favorite rifftraz so far, you really need to get it
  8. Yeah, we got to hug on them and Tom Servo was whispering in my ear. It was epic!

    I've seen a clip from the Batman and Robin one, but not the entire movie. I must get my hands on it.
  9. holy shit! you actually got to meet them?? I am so jealous!!! I love those guys so much! Timber downloaded a bunch of the rifftrax files, I've watched a few of them so far. Transformers was really funny, but I haven't watched the Jp one yet. If you get a chance watch the one they do to "Batman and Robin" it was outstanding!
  10. Oh yeah, Cat and I went to Stone Brew and got to meet the guys from MST3K and saw the rifftrax of Transformers and Jurrasic Park.
  11. i totally agree with you on that one, have you got to check out any of the Rifftrax stuff?
  12. I'm obsessed with MST3K. Best show ever made imo.
  13. touch of Satan is a very, very funny one also. MST3k is amazing
  14. I need to interrupt here.

    While Space Mutiny is a fine episode, The Touch of Satan is by far the best ever.

    OK, continue.
  15. kisses, don't be sad
  16. Cornrows.
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