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  1. Shacon, i wish you'd submit the black and white picture anyway!
  2. There are treasures at Goodwill and surely there are more in the antique district that is just down the road.
  3. I am jealous of your Goodwill Game & Watch.

    I wanted to say that in a rep, but it said I had to spread it around first and FUCK THAT CRAP MAN
  4. You don't even know what the internet is for, you buttmoron. God, Finch, stop being such a dickgrab socialist fuck crap.
  5. Bacon, you fucking stupid shit. This is the fucking internet, are you going to call me gay? What a fucking moron.
  6. shakin!
  8. Beyu-kuuuuun! Tell me, onegaaaiiiiii! n__n;;;;; i like the design of the girl's face, even though the bottom looks like high school rumble or something that i don't care for.
  9. What you say doesn't mean anything to me!
  10. Um, hm... should I say?

    Let's just say someone has probably said OMG SAUCE PLZ in regards to it.

  11. Bacon, what is your avatar?
  12. 1981 is the year to be born, McBacon!
  13. Dear Bacon McShig, even though we don't always get along, i would be very happy if you would come to my birthday party at Casa Bonita in Lakewood, CO on March 24th of 2009. It can count as your birthday too.
  14. Are you an ATM? I will feed stray cats to no one except an atm.
  15. You're right, i love those.

  16. m-maybe i should watch this! there are some good animé shows that have quietly sneaked by me while i was not paying attention.
  17. to me it's nina
  18. Nah, it's Kafuka from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.
  19. Is... is that a Nina in your avatar?

  20. shakin'? I ain't scurred.
  21. shakin' mcbig
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