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  1. more hilairty at friend of a friend, spread the word!! <3 you
  2. still working on it.
  3. maybe time for a new one, with new lyrics? perhaps one from "my dick"? tee hee
  4. I <3 Mickey Avalon! He's so sleezy. When I get my trailer edited and up, I'll go back to the old sig...
  5. gracias for the bday wishes! also, i listened to mickey avalon for the 1st time recently. i get it! awesome.
  7. hi
  8. hey doc whats the haps?
  9. dont be jealous because you dont have boobies. ill share.
  10. Wait. whose talking about boobies?
  11. ps i sent you an email today
  12. hey wtf i thought you were going to visit CA sometime this summer?
  13. the pictures didnt turn out as well as we hoped, at least the first batch...ill send them tonight anyway but theyre not that great

    the 2nd session hopefully was better, ill get those later this week
  14. cause i always like what you put in
  15. Oh catsmeow, always looking for the input...

    EDIT: Oh Some Stupid Japanese Name, always going for the brown...
  16. took more pictures this weekend, ill send them to you when theyre edited for more input, yeah?
  17. did you get a chance to hear murder by death's "theme for ennio morricone" ? its my favorite from their new album. you will heart it.
  18. you reek of awesome!
  19. i repeat samba.
  20. No You
  21. these are our friends, socrates johnson, dennis freud, bob ghengis kahn, and uh...abraham lincoln
  22. San Dimas High School football rules!
  23. please please please please go to the sd fair meetup if it happens or even if it doesnt. please.
  24. i just thought it was part of the "g.w.b. is stupid" theme.
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