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  2. i did get kisses! but i havent heard a word since....hmm
  3. So, how did it go at Stone? Get any kissies?!?
  4. going to stone for beers with bobby tonight !!
  5. Best tattoo ever!

  6. HAHA, remember this little gem?

  7. I miss Vinz nights!

  8. I couldn't resist

    Bobby would never do that!
  9. Less lurking, more talking to me!
  10. im here...i lurk. i take after my sister ya know?
  11. Beeeetttttcccchchhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Where have you been?

  12. cuz I'm the shit!
  13. hey there. how bout those chargers eh? hows illinois? a guy came into work yesterday and asked how you were doing. i guess he was in for his first time on your last day and he said you gave excellent service. we miss you!
  14. Dr. Morgan

    Christmas Morgan
  15. What up felon hooker?
  16. Snow!!!

  17. You better send me a copy betch!
  18. im making "awesomer" and thinking of you.
  19. your face betch!
  20. what the......look familiar?
  21. YOUR MOM!!!!!
  22. your FACE!
  23. that is absolutely terrifying
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