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  1. watch it to the end, there are robots doing the robot.

  2. get back to work!!!!!!
  3. word
  4. Whatevs, at least we didn't put money on it. Andrew and I would be out of a few bucks by the end.

    Another one of my dudes is out for at least a month. Boo.
  5. i really dont get it either. im just getting pretty lucky i think. like this week one of tony's rb's got 50+ points but he was on the bench. i really dont know if im doing anything right.
  6. My Sproley did AWESOME! <3

    I don't fucking get this fantasy shit. Rivers did an amazing job tonight yet Favre still managed to get more points for Carina. BS I tell you, BS. I wasn't expecting to win, but I assumed Rivers would pull in more points than Brett "throw it to the other team" Favre.
  7. word!!! sproles did us very well

    plus, im still undefeated in fantasy!

    1-2 sounds a hell of alot better than 0-3.
  9. Nifty X you got there you lucky girl!
  10. tomorrow is charger day!!! wear your gear, give out discounts! go shawn phillips!
  11. dont hate me. i have to flake on "almost famous." too many chores to do before we leave friday. but im bringing you a peace offering to work.

    in the meantime...

  12. Right at this moment my fantasy team is beating your team 140 to 139.5. Well, at least I had a good lead until tonight's game.
  13. i cant believe you havent shared your experience today with tnl yet.
  14. Thanks, your mom thinks I need to marry those violets.

    New hard drive makes me happy. Maybe we can actually use that comp without it yelling at us every 5 seconds.
  15. good job on the violets yesterday. also, we get a new hard drive tomorrow yay. i get to play techie and install it too. yay again
  16. I knew it! Sicko!!!

    In a boobie-unrelated note, did you notice all of us ladies won our match-ups this week in fantasy. Actually, that is sorta boobie-related, us being girls and all. Go us!!!
  17. ok fine i love boobies.
  18. I'm sure that's it, yeah...
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