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  1. I saw the video, Delilah's too cute!
  2. You inspired me to change my av/sig.
  3. You used her real name! Teh noes!
  4. on anne's phone. meh!!!! i knew i was gonna do thaaaat some time
  5. Where at? I wanna see!
  6. we got an excellent video of delilah's usual flipout after a bath. you gotta come see it.
  7. You like the kitties? You do!
  8. Dangit!
  9. yeah sorry. youll just have to take my word for it.
  10. I'm disappointed in you. I think you know why!
  11. Nice plaid/flannel profile. I approve. See ya Monday porn luva!
  12. You like porn.
  13. Am I the only girl who ISN'T freaked out by Koreans?
  14. I don't see flannel!
  15. double you tee eff. whats up(s)?
  16. Come on Cat, jazz up your profile. Flannel background maybe? Right now it's BORING!
  17. omg the purple hurts my eyes!
  18. What up Cat?
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