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  1. So I'm guessing that you saw something you liked? lol
  2. I'd totally hang out with you! i think it'd be fun
  3. thanks doll
  4. baby you'll always have a chance
  5. thank you
  6. BWA HA HA HA HA!!
  7. uh oh...what did i just sign up for?!
  8. then it is a Deal!! RAWR!!
  9. you better believe it!
  10. Oooo baby, do you mean it????
  11. Howdy!
  12. hi!
  13. thanks
  14. come and get it then!
  15. anytime hott stuff
  16. you are very worthy
  17. lol yes! i loved the rosdower one. Time chasers is the one where the nerdy looking guy builds a time machine out of a shitty little airplane and he tries to get a patten on it, but the company he takes it to steals his plans and makes their own "time transport" (as its called in the movie) and then the creator and the head of the "evil" company fight each other through out really mad that i remember that much of the plot
  18. refresh my memory as to which one "time chasers" is.

    also, touch of satan is pretty hilarious. another favorite:

  19. I love that one so much, it is very awesome. There aren't many MSt 3k's that i have not seen yet, lol it is one of my all time favorite things ever!

    have you ever seen "time chasers"? it is a really funny one too
  20. you know its from space mutiny!!!!!!!!! you are my favorite right now im so glad youve seen it. best episode ever
  21. is your avatar from the MST 3k movie "Space Mutiny"?
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