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  1. Happy belated birthday, M. Not sure how I managed to get through all of yesterday without seeing the notifications at the bottom of the forum, but I apparently found a way!
  2. Mmm? What's that, my dear? Oh, good gracious me, yes!
  3. That was part of the Black Guardian storyline, wasn't it? I was still in college when a friend and I watched the Fifth Doctor's run, so it's all a bit fuzzy now. Might be a good excuse to just go ahead and watch it all again. I freaked out when they brought Davison back for the "Time Crash" special with the Tenth Doctor, and even more so that he was treated so respectfully. I hope they'll do a Three/Five/Two Doctors-style ep with him at some point.
  4. Happy belated birthday, M. I also didn't notice until now that you'd answered my DW question. :P The Davison Doctor is really underrated! I guess because he had the misfortune of following the majority favorite and he wasn't as aloof and silly as some of the previous incarnations, he doesn't get brought up as much. I really liked him, though. Very vulnerable and substantially more serious than most of the others. Just watched the Caves of Androzani on IW again recently and he was just as good as I remember.
  5. Now that we've established ourselves as fellow Whovians, I must ask: which is your favorite Doctor?
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