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  1. Edit: Oh! That reminds me, weren't you wondering a while ago about the origin of that gif with the girl changing outfits in the mirror? That was Ashita no Nadja. The Doremi staff did Doremi then Nadja then a shit ton of pretty cures.

  3. I love how little the opening relies on any logical sequence of events

    "In a teddy bear factory...

    there was an unspecified problem with one of the bears, so they


    into a storage room

    and then a spotty man found him

    and took him to mother nature

    who gave him super powers"
  4. This was always one of my favorites...

  5. Adventure Time, come on grab your friends, we'll go to very distant lands
    with Teddy the Bear and ???? the caterpillar-thing, the fun will never end it's Adventure Time.

  6. Niiiice. I found the full 40 Fresh ED2. NSFW:

    and a clip of DX. Metako is doing a Luna impression.
  7. Yeah, 40 Fresh isn't held in high regard. Although if you see 40 Fire before it, you'll watch Fresh because you want to know what happens to Parfait and Cacao after they had their hearts broken when Lamunedo/Lamunes the III hooks up with Drum and not them. Answer: Parfait hooks up with Lamunedo and Drum's daughter. (time passes differently in Doki Doki Space, though there's still a significant age difference there...) Her name is Lemon (yuk yuk!) and she's the fourth Lamunes. Cacao, mirroring Cocoa from the first series, ends up with no one. -_- (hence the ending credits to Fresh being Cacao wistfully looking into the sky and seeing Parfait and Lemon togther)

    And although each Knight Lamune &40 series is a bit more "mature" than the last, 40 Fire to 40 Fresh is obviously the biggest jump. Though apparently DX was pretty ecchi too? NSFWish

    It goes NG Knight Lamune &40 > EX > DX > VS Knight Lamune &40 Fire > Fresh > Lemon (which was teased but never came about. Who knew the adventures of a one half loli lesbian couple would be such a hard sell!)

    Notice Cocao being the odd girl out.

  8. oh god the dub

    the ruhmyunes
  9. Back on that conversation from last year,

    (NSFW) i think that was the only Ramune series we got in my college days. It was pretty much just fanservice garbage. The song is catchy though. The ED was good too.

    Kotaku article is going to be glorious.
  11. one day we'll say "remember how things used to be" and it'll really mean something

    On 24 January, Square Enix Holding's share price reached its maximum allowable single-day gain of 400 yen to finish the day's trading at 2,081 yen. This is the company's highest share price in over four years. The gains are partly attributed to Square Enix's 23 January release of Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light.

    The first in the long-running spin-off franchise to be developed from the ground-up for smartphones and tablets, Super Light has been a hit with iOS users, leaping to fifth place in the sales rankings under the App Store games category.

    News of the title's success drove up the share price of Square Enix as well as that of Cyber Agent, whose subsidiary Cygames (itself part-owned by DeNA) developed Super Light.
    Mobile! Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! -_-
  13. Don't worry, Finch. Whenever you look into a field of flowers, you'll see Nintendo nii-san.

  14. And Izubuchi mechanical designs to boot.

  15. Ni no Kuni wouldn't have happened without the Ghibli tie, and i think they banked way too much on that even, especially when it initially bombed. It also has some of the most uninteresting B-tier Ghibli designs, the voice acting budget was just awful, and the entire game was in dire need of the extra budget to clean it up and balance the whole mess. Namco is sure churning out their Tales games though.
  16. I wouldn't be so quick to take Capcom's word for it. Or Square Enix's. Koei or From or CD projekt? Sure. But Capcom has chased COD numbers before (Resident Evil 6 had a staff of 600 people) and want to sell you microtransactions and SE wants to convince you that a real console RPG of the same scope of the SNES/PS1 FFs is impossible. Even though Ni no Kuni was a thing. Even if the combat sucked and the story was boring and the MC was a milquetoast.
  17. i feel like this is bad news for any game that isn't expected to sell nine drillion copies, so like last gen but worse.

    Apparently Miyazaki retracted his retirement again. For the seventh time. He should hang out with Brett Favre some time.

    Maybe he just announces his retirment then uses the reactions to see if he's less wanted/no longer wanted?

  19. "One does not care to acknowledge the sedan buying mistakes of one's youth."

  20. [James Earl Jones] Totes magotes cray cray[/James Earl Jones]

  21. i do like that...

    Slice of life manga centering around bicycles. Though you might like it.

    A one-shot about a middle school class that accepts a girl with impaired hearing. Everything is not as happy as it seems. Although this one-shot won the 80th Weekly Shounen Magazine Newbie Best Mangaka Award, the vector of the content made it difficult for publication on any manga magazine, until it was picked up, after months of legal dispute, by the February edition of Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, where it got first place despite its being a one-shot.

    I'm glad this went on to be serialized. I imagine the dispute was from the teacher's association or something, since the teacher is depicted as a passion-less "punch the clock" type who kind of resents the fact she's a hassle/slows the class down. The only thing Ooima Yoshitoki has done before this, it seems, is a manga adaptation of a cyperpunk thriller novel, but juding by this, she could be the next Mitsuru Adachi. Not that this work is all pratfall-ey but because they have so much heart to them.

    ): Sony sucks. the reason i cling to nitendo so much these days is that they're the only one left and i don't know how much longer they'll last like this. Maybe forever! But maybe not. maybe Iwata will be thrown out and they'll become an awful shell of their former selves, slowly crumbling to irrelevance, like every other Japanese company seems to be doing now. mid-budget games are my favorite games...
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