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  1. Enemy. You're my enemy.

  2. I don't know if you're being facetious or not! I remember being creeped out in 1998 when i picked up the j-release of the second compilation of Gunsmith Cats. I actually used to get the issues back when Dark Horse was releasing them, and somehow i missed the pedophilia for the Cobra GT500 car chases and the Riding Bean. The whole thing with Minnie May taking herbs to look 13 IS pretty creepy anyway.

    It's been more than a decade since i read any of it, so i don't know about any underlying themes.
  3. I'm with Yoshi! Down with the Parish! He pretty much showed his true colors with this:

    He's one series and several volumes too late to be crying foul. He was okay with several interior pages of minnie-may in the buff or sucking dick but a panythose line on a COVER? Why, people might see that! White Knight mode HENSHIN! Nice extreme-strawman argument to try and cover his equally extreme about-face, too.

    Sonada is definitely a perv, but Parish was wayyyy late on his rejection of him.
  4. Yeah, it was that Ian guy. So that ain't Rama, huh? Well, darn.
  5. You sure it wasn't Ian JQ? Rama's a really skinny fellow and Ian JQ is not. > Rama's been hanging out with ALL my favorite current artists and i'm pretty freaking jealous.
  6. Huh. I just saw Rama on tv. Saw a dude drawing a character from that cartoon with the strip mall and figured it must be him. Had no idea he also did the voice acting for the black dude on Bravest Warriors. Weird.

  7. Crazy shamisen solo there.

  8. Music boxes. Ayup.

  9. I don't think i ever saw Mon Colle Knights, but it might just be one of those things i forgot about. I actually just remembered, i'm pretty sure i saw one of the Ramune OVA series. I think so... College... so long... ago. I'll watch Ramune.
    There's so much good anime now, thanks to the availability of the old stuff. I'm glad people realized that 80s kids like old anime.
    Have you seen these guys- They have a bunch of Tezuka anime that i never expected to be translated in any form. They also have a Youtube channel and release stuff to Hulu

    i never thought i'd be able to watch Don Dracula...
  10. Yeah, I'm watching Lamune&40 Fire right now. Some kind soul uploaded all the episodes to dailymotion. The theme that plays in the first episode when PQ shows up is so jrpg it hurts. And Da Cider has a great Basara/Macross 7 reference in episode two "Listen to my puns!". Akahori also did Mon Colle Knights, so you probably caught a few eps of that on Fox Kids back in the day. He also did Maze, but that looks generic, so I probably won't watch it. ED is fun, though:

    Don't touch, junky boy!

    There's probably good reason everyone just thinks Saber Marionette and Lamune when they think Akahori. All his other stuff's character designs aren't that unique style. Anyways, give the first episode of 40Fire a watch. Edit: Oh, Tsukasa Kotobuki did the character designs for Lamune/SMJ. That would explain it. That guy needs more work. Hmm..might have to watch Cyberteam in Akiharbara.

    Also, Monster Hunter, Finch! Monster Hunter! 4 has online!

  11. I have never seen that. It looks like they wanted a good dose of Sherlock Hound and Nadia as well.

    Also that Da Cider... are you watching Lamune? I used to be into Akahori anime series like right after highschool and into college, back when email lists were a thing and finding anime on the internet wasn't quite yet a thing. I think the only Akahori anime series i even saw was Saber Marionette J. I always liked Da Cider and Heavy Metal Ko even though i've never seen their series...

  12. Did you know this was a thing? I was aware of Sherlock Hound, but not of this. Came out in 94 (a good year) four years after Tail Spin. The creators musta been like: ape Porco Rosso will ya? We'll do you one better AND throw Indiana Jones in the mix.
  13. I had no idea the Skullman manga tokyopop released ten years ago or so was a Shotaro Ishinomori all-stars type thing with cameos from Cyborg 009, Robot Keiji, Kikkiader, Kamen Rider, Henshin Ninja Arashi, and possibly more I'm not familiar with.

  14. Caramel Kitsch Yuugekitai
  15. I've only been reading Tezuka manga for a while now. I picked up the big box set of Nausicaa, though, since i foolishly sold my Nausicaa books a while ago. It's so good. why was i such a fool...
  16. I'm glad you like it. Here's another that seems to be by the same artist. (also from Fliegende Blatter. Type that into google images and it'll bring up lots of neat stuff)

    I can't find a name, though.
  17. Oh, also that 19th century print looks really dang neat. I was typing that and forgot to post it here.
  18. Just combine it all for a gunblade
  19. I'd love to have a P38 to hang on my wall. But, as far as that goes, I'd rather have a A&A Munich Town Guard Sword, a Lutel Katzbalger, and a Darksword Armory German Executioner sword first.

    The Town Guard sword.
  20. Walther P38 like Lupin

  21. Early 19th century. Reminded me of Akihiko Yoshida, kinda. Apparently from a Munich magazine called Fliegende Blatter.

  22. I really wish someone would translate the Rune Soldier light novels. Parn and Louie crossover is most excellent.

    Have you watched the Crystania OAV and movie? Those are pretty good, too.
  23. Yeah, definitely a cool pic. I was browsing that thread, and I was surprised that I like BOF1's Nina the best. And BOF4's Ryu. Rei and Katt are tied for woren, though.
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