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  1. Oh gosh, I haven't visited this place in awhile. Thank you for the birthday wishes!
  2. Happy birthday other Denver guy!
  3. I work whatever time i arrive to 7.5 hours later Monday-Friday. I'm supposed to get here before 10, but that doesn't happen often...
    I'm drawing a lot more now and learning web development languages. Not sure if it'll take me anywhere new, but i'm actually having fun learning. it's a lot easier for me to get work done when i am not in a relationship
  4. Work schedule is pretty regular. I work nights on Thursday through Sunday. I'll be attending university this Fall, but I'm taking one class, because my damned advisor took so long to remove hold that was preventing me from taking the classes I wanted. What about you?
  5. I'm glad you're posting more. You still working a lot and going to school?
  6. HAHAHA! That's exactly what I said! Pretty crazy!
  8. Hah! No way! My middle name is Franklin as well.
  9. It is, Turn-A Narayan!
  10. Is your middle name Franklin, by the way?
  11. Work, work, and more work! I've been exploring Colorado a little more though. Driving to Estes Park is great even if Estes Park sucks!
  12. I'm doing well! How about you? I'm still in Denver. I imagine I won't be out of here until I finish my bachelor's degree. My number is still the same... as far as I know, anyway. What have you been up to?
  13. Hey! I see your still around TNL, but i haven't heard from you in FOR-EVER. How are you? Are you still in Denver? I think i accidentally pocket dialed you sometimes last year and got a disconnected number message.
  14. WOMP
  15. >:3
  16. 333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
  17. 333333
  18. HI2U.
  19. I think i might wait for a day next week to see it to avoid the weekend crowds. Are there any weekdays that you are free?
  20. Um... I am reeeeeeally excited to see this movie, so close to when it comes out, and we must see in digital 3D!
  21. Sure! When would you like to see it?

    We'll really do it this time.
  22. would you like to go see Up?
  23. NEVER EVER EVER. i can't think of any movies i want to see right now.

    also i am sorry i didn't text you back, my phone is getting poop-butted and giving me a white screen sometimes. i have no big plans for my birthday, probably just getting some eats with my roommate.
  24. Finch. <3

    Let me know when you want to see a movie. I'll go this time, I promise! I never break a promise!
  25. Oy, you end up going?
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