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  1. It's okay! If you find it you can send it, but i still have one i can play either way!
  2. I found it but repacked it during the move. It's here somewhere...
  3. Mzo, did you send 999? I never saw it! I still have the Amazon copy though, i can play that if you can't find it
  4. Did you play the first one? I'm considering getting it... I kind of like the second game a lot more than anyone ever should.
  5. It took a while but I found my extra 999, you can just have it for Christmas if you still want it Fanch.
  6. :O i will buy it from you if you do and want to sell it!
  7. I think I still have an extra 999, I can check for you~
  8. I was going to buy that Herman Cain's 999 game FOR REAL today, but Amazon is sold out of inexpensive copies and no one near me sells it so the power of impulse buying is distilled. ): that always happens
  10. Ha ha ha ha ha
  11. It's Pacific Northwest time, Mzo. Let's move to Portland and we can play MonHun.
  12. My megu is Lil' Mzo. Lil' Mzo, Lil Mzo, if you were a giant megu I'd ride on your back!
  13. Mzo, what's your megu name? You have to join me, heehaw!
  14. I'm just putting this here so i never forget where it is: It may come in handy one day.
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