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  1. Sonic is a liar!

  2. Kawaii pet megu tiem, Mzo. Do you have a kawii pet?
  3. kawaiii finchu~
  4. Click for full size
  5. Mzo, when do you want to move in? I'll start taking Kevin's stuff to the curb a few days before you're here.
  6. Yaaaaay! Did it all make it okay?
  7. I just got Finch's package in my hands and it's awesome.


    I can give you. the sense of rhythm.
  9. Thanks for the drawering on my page! I just saw it yesterday -_-
  10. I'm posting this here so i don't forget:

  11. Yeah, i think Wind Waker is the best Zelda too. Hearing you talk about it in the podcast reminded me of parts i'd forgotten about. I think i'll try to track it down after i'm done with Skyward Sword.
  12. I am right about everything. That fake Miyamoto quote was so true, and the TP comic is soooo cute!
  13. We're not really done, Mzo, i was just being dramatic.
  14. Mzo, i'm sorry i was a jerk about the tv thing. I was only funning. If i ever clear enough space in my living room, there will be a dedicated Sony Trinitron for old games.
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