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  1. I-
  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah!
    Hey now, here is my song. For you, yeah that's right! I wish that I was yours but I'm too shy, I suppose.
  3. Dragon Ball manga is THE BEST, Mzo.
  4. Hi there. I ll try. Hopefully he ll be on it in a week!

    Edit- "it's me"
  5. .
  6. added you to my 3DS~
  7. Mzo, let's be 3DS friends. My code is 0259-0305-2221
  8. Sweet! Sorry, i wanted it to be a surprise still. I hope you like it. Out of the games on your list i thought that was the one you'd like the best.
  9. Was it Miles Edgeworth? If so it was new, and thanks, I didn't know who it was from.
  10. Hey Mzo, you get that game i sent you? I need to know if it was new and in good shape and not a bootleg and everything so i can leave feedback!
  11. Your sig made me gag a little.
  12. Mzo, we are waiting for you to move to Denver.
  13. Mzo, you are very rude.
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