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  1. Why didn't you call Igor, they called me yesterday cuz you were too Bizi to answer or return any of the calls. If you wanna get your own place then you have to take if seriously.
    And, don't be hoarder. Pls do CLEAN your car while I'm gone.
  2. Get well soon baby!
  3. Is Chux just a fat guy or totally out of shape?
  4. Would you add/give points to Doc Holiday, Pineapple n Japnese name? I tried but failed
  5. Oops I almost replied to REZO's post!

    Well you 2 share the same last two letters of the first name "...ZO"
  6. Yeah right!!! you are saying "you can post anything, I don't care" but as soon I ll post something you gonna start getting grumpy again. Like I don't know you♥♥♥
  7. How to add rep? I tried, didn't work
    Would you do that for me for Doc and Finch.

    How come Nick (the naked butt guy) doesn't post that often? I like his posts. Can I add him??
  8. Try do something productive with your life!
  9. so what do you think now. shitti people u r proud of and racist like you
  10. now tell me how to post...
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