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  1. OH! I would really love to post more but some people can't take it and above all my sweetie asked me not to and I ll try not to do anything he doesn't like.
    or else I enjoyed it especially this one person, every time I post something(even if its just a period sign) he has to post a comment. He gets pissed big time. He's the first one to comment on my post and (afterwards) doesn't even care what the thread is actually about.
    Even right now if he ll read this he be scratching his nuts thinking... oh my I have to have to have to write something. Oh god oh gawd oh gaaawd. I mean he ll be flipping over.
    Lets put it this way he loves me so much that he just can't resist any of my post. LOL I just crack myself up.
  2. You should post more! What are they gonna do, fire you?
  3. I love Dalmatians. They are well-muscled, mid-sized, elegant dogs with excellent endurance and stamina.
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