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LB log - 20131216

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What an irritating day at retail work. Start the day off given an order to audit all shelves in the dairy cooler. Fine, but by the time I get to the back room I get another assignment hoisted on me first; an empty 53' trailer is hooked up to the bay door and they want to load it up with empty pallets to ship away. The process of doing this requires pulling the pallets into the backroom from outside and shoving them into the cab. Doing this wouldn't be a huge issue if it wasn't for the fact that, thanks to all of the extra freight standing around for the season, there's only one pathway cleared to make this happen, and the people still working there from the evening shift are trying to get into the middle of that path because that's where a cardboard baler is located. I'm busy helping people toss stuff in and get the path cleared up again, and this process repeats at least twice more before I can finally resume the job. Before that, the person who is bringing the pallets in from the outside had enough lined up that he didn't need to have the forklift idle while waiting, and by the time he was ready to do more work after I had caught up, he couldn't get the machine started up again. The job is eventually done but not without me being irritated at all of it first. Then I get to stand in a brisk forty degree chill while I do the dairy cooler work. Then I spend most the rest of the day, before and after the lunch, pulling product for the grocery department. Thanks to the way the computer does things, this required me to revisit certain shelf areas several times as new requests would trickle in as I worked my way down the list. It is very enjoyable and efficient to drag a ladder to an area, climb it, acquire one item, do the same acts elsewhere for ten minutes, then return to the first shelf and repeat the process. Oh well.

I have this cat here to play with and some sleep to get. This week's work will finally be the resumption of the 1040 testing. I'm ready to get this going. Oh, but I guess I need to do a last bit of shopping for gifts too. Hm.

Songs. How interesting that Blueberry Stream, Blue Mirage, and Blue Rain all came today. There just needed to be bluemoon and Blue Straggler (and 蒼い衝動 I guess) to make a full expert course out of it. After seeing the results of the first five songs I resolved to take a breath and make an effort to relax and let the notes come to me rather than feel like I needed to attack them so quickly. I felt like I perhaps was trying too hard, which I guess might have been a result of opening with a 3000 note chart. The ship didn't quite correct itself immediately and it took a while until I finally had a streak of good results, but it did happen eventually, and in the process of doing so I managed to at least get a confirm clear of Flag of Peace and not squander that record, so overall I'm content wtih the day's run.

Lunar Beat. Extra Mode. Double play. "@" denotes Random chart modifier. All songs are of highest difficulty type unless specified.
First line, by column; song title, EX score percentage and letter grade rank, EX score value and pass/fail, judgment readout (just great, great, good, bad poor), highest combo reached, note count of chart under Extra Mode, original note count of chart, percentage increase of Extra Mode notes over original note count, timestamp.
Second line, by column; pass count / play count, EX score percentage difference from record, EX score value difference from record, judgment readout difference from record (if current play is new record), highest combo reached difference from record (if current play is new record), timestamp of old record (if current play is new record).

			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+nc 	date
remote control @	27.83 E		1733.F	508.717.1157.289.1015	0045	3113			2013-12-17T02:12:42:171Z
0/6			10.15-		0632-

evans @			26.99 E		1067.F	312.443.732.209.739	0108	1976			2013-12-17T02:15:25:067Z
0/14			13.38-		0529-

the deep striker B14 @	42.06 D		1531.F	495.541.581.53.377	0066	1820			2013-12-17T02:18:22:105Z
0/10			08.57-		0312-

connective @		51.49 C		1652.F	569.514.431.24.173	0110	1604			2013-12-17T02:21:38:186Z
0/6			09.16-		0294-

romancecar @		40.18 D		1569.F	478.613.574.134.517	0133	1952			2013-12-17T02:24:27:227Z
0/8			13.96-		0545-

x rated @		40.09 D		1526.F	506.514.560.159.443	0079	1903			2013-12-17T02:27:01:187Z
0/11			06.06-		0231-

music to your head @	67.19 A		1223.P	447.329.110.2.46	0177	0910			2013-12-17T02:30:37:291Z
8/8			04.39-		0080-

blueberry stream @	64.68 B		1123.P	412.	0105	0868			2013-12-17T02:34:17:714Z
7/9			00.51-		0009-

programmed world @	57.26 B		1442.F	511.420.238.36.147	0135	1259			2013-12-17T02:38:46:163Z
0/10			03.65-		0092-

CaptivAte~裁き~ @	49.26 C		1482.F	508.466.329.75.346	0090	1504			2013-12-17T02:42:08:875Z
0/11			05.68-		0171-

spiral galaxy mix @	37.61 D		1709.F	557.595.647.206.719	0046	2272			2013-12-17T02:46:38:011Z
0/7			01.38-		0063-

love again tonight @	81.98 AA	0910.P	374.		0321	0555			2013-12-17T02:48:58:771Z
8/8			00.45-		0005-

almace @		52.65 C		1607.F	594.419.296.96.386	0103	1526			2013-12-17T02:51:44:604Z
0/10			05.11-		0156-

murmur twins @		54.06 C		1755.F	656.443.301.75.404	0100	1623	1188	036.61	2013-12-17T02:56:43:312Z
0/6			00.71+		0007+	16+25-8+3+41+		0004+				2012-03-28T00:41:52:197Z

inori @			47.97 C		2247.F	774.699.619.80.368	0105	2342			2013-12-17T03:01:21:790Z
0/12			00.91-		0043-

blue mirage @		41.08 D		1636.F	554.528.466.166.675	0198	1991			2013-12-17T03:05:48:357Z
0/5			00.52-		0021-

blue rain @		47.70 C		1579.F	553.473.394.102.334	0268	1655			2013-12-17T03:09:40:826Z
0/8			00.39-		0013-

kamaitachi @		42.57 D		1817.F	631.555.534.153.688	0135	2134	1662	028.39	2013-12-17T03:14:21:045Z
0/5			00.68+		0029+	10+9+13+9-79-		0001-				2013-12-01T04:13:53:023Z

2002 @			77.88 AA	1134.P	457.		0287	0728	0653	011.48	2013-12-17T03:18:18:455Z
5/5			01.85+		0027+	16+5-5-3-1-		0011+				2013-11-20T01:48:34:681Z

flag of peace @		64.79 B		1730.P	647.436.206.16.86	0383	1335	1295	003.08	2013-12-17T03:22:24:219Z
2/5			04.23+		0113+	68+23-44-2-23+		0085+				2012-04-29T01:26:49:808Z

spin the disc @		72.15 A		1306.P	497.312.85.1.18		0179	0905			2013-12-17T03:25:22:418Z
7/7			03.97-		0072-

sweet lab @		58.55 B		0842.F	310.	0158	0719			2013-12-17T03:30:06:307Z
0/6			00.06-		0001-

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